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Choosing your broker
What is the right way to choose your broker?

The answer is… there is no way to do so! In the past 2 years the online trading industry suffered many blows below the waste having this market leaders closing down their gates or even involved in some suspicious activity and conduct.

Ironfx, atlas group, alpari and many more where in the news many times regarding various issues such as:
Ib fraud, hedging against clients, withholding clients funds and more… this causes a serious trust issues with all traders since the names mentioned above were the biggest brokers in the industry, some owned banks (??!?) and still managed to close down their gates in a warm sunny day.

We believe, when choosing a broker you need to start. Start reading reviews, start trading with him, compare his formal offer with the offers you are being provided in reality, challenge the brokerage and in general build up a relationship which will hold and sustain.

We also believe that you should know your place as a client and a trader, know how to take responsibilities for your actions, understand the risk factor with trading financial instruments, invest the correct amount of capital in order to be able to execute your plan, set goals, set targets, set take profit, set stop loss in simple words… be prepared and control your trading account.

You should also try to run a few trading account at the same time which will provide you with a base for comparison between the brokers.

Introducing Brokers
What is an introducing broker (IB)?

An introducing broker is a 3rd party service provider which can provide a broker with new clients (registrations & active traders).

Most IB’s will handle the clients which they introduce to the broker simply because they build a relationship with the client or more over they provide education and additional services which the broker cannot. IB’s usually work on a commission plan which is not derived from clients profits nor losses, it is based on the trading volumes they generate with their client. Most regulated brokers provide some sort of education service or own and operate financial license which provides their clients with an added value.
Education Center
Education centres are not that common any more. In the past (a few years back) there were many different education providers and it was also a very common practice for brokers to do so.

Now days there are a few major players in the education industry while the rest are pretesting to provide education, while in reality they are affiliates with one broker or more and they provide with new potential clients… so the education is baised and not real. Trading scholars have partnered up with traders education a long time ago using their video library, content and webinar services. You can visit their site here:

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