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Who we are
Study trade is a group of educated and experienced traders which provide a free service for all interested traders and investors which are looking to trade on their own in the volatile forex & binary markets
Why us

In the past 6 years the online retail financial industry has taken a bad turn which resulted in biased brokers, solicitation trading specialists and other so called educators which almost destroyed this industry.

We were unable to sit aside as this is happening right in front of our eyes and decided to take action in a the form of providing real education.

Our education is not 60, 70 nor 80% accurate… it is based on real economic education and market analysis which is the only way to trade, generate prediction, manage your capital etc.

We are currently operating in the European markets as we are highly familiar and we’ve been operating in these regulatory environments since 2009 – contact us today to hear more about our education programs.

Our Services
We provide two main education solution:
Our clients enjoy to pre-scheduled education session which will be accompanied with a free demo account for practicing. This specific program is based on market introduction and trading basics which will be presented using screen sharing with our trainers.

The main purpose of this program is to provide you with both knowledge and trading skills in order for you to start trading with confidence and understanding.

This program will answer the 2 main most common questions:
  • “Which asset should I trade with?”
  • “For how long should my position should stay open?”
For those which are looking to jump into the financial markets and start trading we’ve dedicated a team of introducing brokers which will accompany you while taking you first trading steps.

Our IB’s are not account managers nor trading specialist as many “brokers” claim, they work and operate under the harsh regulatory environment of non-soliciting, unbiased education advice and guidance which will be based on real market analysis and practice.

Study trade does not provide or allow any type of money management or portfolio management, to very common solutions which requires a license to do so.
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