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An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin
About us
We Teach… You Study
Study trade is a group of educated and experienced traders which provide a free service for all interested traders and investors which are looking to trade on their own in the voltaile forex and binary markets.
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Editorial facts
  • All courses are based on experience
  • Screen sharing courses
  • Video & screen capture tutrials
  • Simplfying the financial markets
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Why EmexTrade
In the past 6 years the online retail financial industry has taken a bad turn which resulted in baised brokers, solicitating trading specialists and other so called educators which almost destroyed this industry.
We were unable to sit aside as this is happennign right infront of our eyes and decided to take action in a the form of providing real education.
Our education is not 60, 70 nor 80% accurate… it is based on real economic education and market analysis which is the only way to trade, generate prediction, manage your capital etc.
We are currently operating in the european markets as we are highly familiar and we’ve been operating in these regulatory enviorements since 2009
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